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Branch > Michele Ridulfo & Giuseppa Vivona
DeKalb, IL

Vincenza Ridulfo
(aka Jennie Ridulph-Mancuso
-Egland) at her
100th Birthday Party in 2009

The Michele Ridulfo & Giuseppa Vivona Family at the Wedding of their daughter Jennie abt 1929

Michele Ridulfo & Giuseppa Vivona’s children Joe, Jennie & Mike, abt 1914

To see the Family Info page (private content) for this branch, login in the box at left, then click the Family Info button below.  So far, I have the full family tree, but hopefully more content is coming soon (I could use some help from the DeKalb, IL Ridulfo clan with this!).

Click here to read a really interesting bio of this couple written by their daughter Jennie.  Here are some photos of the DeKalb Ridulfo’s I have collected so far (Courtesy of MaryJane Mancuso):

Michele Ridulfo with his five children taken
at a family wedding, circa early 1960’s