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Ridulfo Branch Pages

The Ridulfo Branch Pages...

As explained on the Ridulfo Family Tree page in the Genealogy section of the website, there were four major branches of Ridulfo’s in the family tree (before I linked them together), and are listed below with some of their key sub branches in bold.

1. Michiele Ridulfo and Antonia Palagro

A. Salvadore Ridulfo & Vincenza DiGiglia

i. Giuseppe Ridulfo & Gioachina Maria Pomilla

a. Salvatore Ridulfo & Marianna DiCarlo

b. Giovanna Ridulfo & Liborio Ferrantello

c. Ida (Gaetana) Ridulfo & Giovanni Dragna

d. Mariano Ridulfo & Giuseppa Lanza

e. Frances (Vincenza) Ridulfo (coming soon)

B. Michele Ridulfo and Antonina DiMiceli

i. Giuseppe Ridulfo & Vincenza DiGiglia

a. Michele Ridulfo & Giuseppa Vivona

b. Giuseppe Ridulfo & Rosalia Campagna

ii. Leoluca Ridulfo & Leonarda DiGiglia

2. Leoluca Ridulfo and Rosa DiPalermo

3. Leoluca Ridulfo and Bernarda Vutera

4. Nicolo Ridulfo and Leoluchina Governali

For the major sub-branches above (in bold), I have set up dedicated branch page(s), which you can access by using the navigation buttons on the left or the underlined hyperlinks.

The first listed is my branch - Salvatore Ridulfo & Marianna Ridulfo of Farmingdale, NY.  The second (Michele Ridulfo and Giuseppa Vivona of DeKalb, IL) and third (Giuseppe Ridulfo & Rosalia Campagna of Lindenhurst, NY), two brothers who are descendants of the Michele Ridulfo and Antonina DiMiceli sub-branch.  The fourth is for the Leoluca Ridulfo and Rosa DiPalermo main branch, the largest one of those still in Italy (Mario, Sal, Pina, etc.).  The last is Nicolo Ridulfo and Leoluchina Governali, another (smaller) of the four major branches, also of those still in Italy (Stefano).

As I get and can post content specific to these branches, I will, and likewise when/if additional (or more specific) Ridulfo branch pages are warranted, I'll add them.