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Birth Act (Atto di Nascita) for Giuseppe Ridulfo

This is a typical atto di nascita.  Each act has a number, sequenced by year, for purposes of indexing and look-up.  This one is 1884 #704.  The act starts with the year 1884, day 3rd, month of December, and hour 11:15 am, in the town hall, in front of me (back then typically the mayor), the official of the vital records of the town of Corleone, Province of Palermo, appeared Giuseppe Ridulfo, 33 years old, farmer, resident of Corleone, who has declared that at hour 4:15pm, on the 1st of the current month, at Via Consolazione, Numero 65, from Vincenza DiGiglia, his wife and peasant farmer, was born a baby of sex masculine, that he presented to me, and is given the name of Giuseppe.  The remainder of the act is the attestation of the witnesses and the signature of the official.

Most often the “declarant” was the father of the child.  Sometimes, it was the mid-wife (lavatrice). More rarely, it could be a relative (e.g. Grandfather), or neighbor.

This act does have the “bonus” margin notation of Giuseppe’s later marriage to Rosalia Campagna on 20 October 1911, Act #76.

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