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Marriage Act (Atto di Matrimonio) for Giuseppe Ridulfo & Gioacchina Maria Pomilla

This is a typical atto di matrimonio.  Each act has a number, sequenced by year, for purposes of indexing and look-up.  This one is 1876 #113.  The act starts with the year 1876, day 16th, month of November, and hour 11:15 am, in the town hall, in front of me (back then typically the mayor), the official of the vital records if the town of Corleone, Province of Palermo, appeared Giuseppe Ridulfo, 23 years old, farmer, born in Corleone, resident of Corleone, son of Salvatore (deceased), and Vincenza DiGiglia (deceased), and Gioacchina Maria Pomilla, age 17, peasant, born in Corleone, resident of Corleone, daughter of Mariano (deceased) and Giovanna Colletto, resident of Corleone.  The remainder of the act are all the words about the necessary documentation being on file, meeting all the requirements, and thusly being united matrimony, followed by attestation of the witnesses, and signature of the vital records official.

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