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Passenger Records

Once on the Liberty Ellis Foundation site, you can search for your ancestor with a simple search (shown below) using the last name, and if you have, the first Name.  You can also click on the “Wizard” where you can narrow the search on gender, marital status, year/age of birth/arrival, where from, point of departure, ship name, etc.

If matches are found, you will get a results window like the one shown below.  If you don’t find the person on the first try, you may have to get more creative with spellings.  The Ellis Island records database is based on manifests in hundred-year old human handwriting, transcribed by human volunteers. In general, they’re pretty accurate, but not 100% perfect, so your person may very likely be listed with a misspelled name.

When see the person of interest in the list of matching records, you then click on one of the the “Action” icons for passenger record, ship info, or manifest. The Passenger Record like the one shown below, a nicely presented summary of the basic information - First Name, Last Name, Ethnicity, Last Place of Residence, Date of Arrival, Age at Arrival, Gender, Marital Status, Ship of Travel, Port of Departure, and Manifest Line Number.

From the Matching Records page or the Passenger Record page, you can click on links to view the images of the Ship or the original Manifest.

If you are really stuck and need to search the Ellis Island database (beyond what their search tools allows you to do), check out the Steven Morse One-Step pages.