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Once you locate a person of interest, you can also display the image of their listing on the ship’s manifest like the one shown below. IMPORTANT: Sometimes, the manifest consists of two images, as they were split across two pages, so you may have to click on the thumbnails to the right find the other half image. Below the manifest image, you can also view a text version to see how certain fields have been been transcribed.

The ship’s manifest (shown below with info for Salvatore Ridulfo) typically had the following information at the top: Ship Name (S.S. California), Sailing From (not listed) date (not listed), Arriving at the Port of New York, NY on March 25th 1904.  For each person: Number on list (29); Name in Full (Ridulfo, Salvatore); Age Yrs/Mos (29);Sex (M); Married or Single (M); Calling or Occupation (Laborer); Able to Read or Write (Yes, Yes); Nationality / Country of Last Residence (Italy);Race or People (Italian South); Last Residence / Province, City or Town (Corleone); Final Destination / State, City or Town (New York); Whether having a ticket to such final destination (Yes); By whom was passage paid (Self); Whether in possession of $50 or less ($10); Whether ever before in the United States and if so, when and where (No); Whether going to join a relative or friend, and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address (to the brother-in-law, Giovanni Dragna, 1279 3rd Avenue, NY); Ever in prison or almshouse, or institution for care and treatment of the insane, or supported by charity?  Is so, which? (No); Whether a Polygamist (No); Whether an Anarchist (No); Whether coming by reason of any offer, solicitation, promise or agreement, expressed or implied, to labor in the United States (No); Condition of Health, Mental and Physical (Good); Deformed or Crippled. Nature, length of time, and cause (No).

Later forms varied slightly, but also included the name and address of nearest relative/friend in country whence Alien came.  This information is very helpful in verifying the identity of the person you’re looking at. Click here to view the Ridulfo Family Manifests Archives.

Ridulfo, Salvatore EI Manifest 25 Mar 1904.jpg