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...is dedicated to Ridulfo Family History, Genealogy, and much more.  My name is Gary Ridolph, and I started researching my entire family ancestry back in 1999.  While much of my focus has been on researching and documenting my direct paternal Ridulfo family lineage, early on I also started collecting data every other Ridulfo I came across.  (Hey - you never know who you might be related to, right?).  My search took me back through Ellis Island to the origin of the Ridulfo family - Corleone, Sicily. Then using the fantastic genealogical archives of the Mormon LDS Church, I was able to review Corleone Civil and Church records for Ridulfo's dating back to the late 1700's, right in the comfort of my local library. Over the past ten plus years since, I have compiled a family tree with over 800 Ridulfo's, many from the 1700's and 1800's in Corleone, as well as their descendants in the US and around the world.

My mission here is simple - to share the fruits of literally thousands of hours of research labor with anyone in the Ridulfo family who wants to know more about their ancestry.  Hopefully, this website will be but one more way to accomplish this goal.  And while this site obviously has a great deal of content devoted to my particular branch of the Ridulfo family (Salvatore Ridulfo and Marianna DiCarlo), there is still plenty of "treasure" for all the other Ridulfo branches as well.  You are encouraged to explore, download, learn and enjoy what's here. And if you have something pertinent to Ridulfo genealogy and family history that you don't find here, think about contributing!

Please note that most of the RidulfoFamily.net site public, so that anyone can use and enjoy the incredible genealogy and family history content now online. However, for privacy purposes, certain pages of the site (family trees, photos and contact information for living persons, etc.) are password protected and restricted to “Cleared Users”. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY BEEN PRE-AUTHORIZED, PLEASE SIGN-UP AND CONTACT US FOR ACCESS.  For more info on logging in to the private areas, click here


This dedication for this website has three pieces.  The first dedication is to several of my Ridulfo cousins whom have since passed on, but while alive, showed the greatest love and appreciation for all that I have done with respect to Ridulfo family history, genealogy, and especially our annual family reunions - Fred Ridolf, Dottie LeCara and Rose Valentino, to name a few.

The second dedication is to my first Italian teacher, Grace Pergolizzi, who imparted a great love of the Italian language on me in starting in 7th grade, and later on in high school.  More importantly, however, Grace was the one responsible for the 1980 school trip to Italy I went on, where I met Lisa, resulting in a 30+ year relationship, marriage and kids.

The third dedication is to my primary family fan club - my mother and father, and most importantly my wife Lisa and kids, Gina and Gary, the ones who have to really put up with this hobby of mine.

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