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Please note that I’ve made most of the RidulfoFamily.net site public, so that anyone can use and enjoy the incredible genealogy and family history content now online. However, for privacy purposes, certain pages of the site (family trees, photos and contact information for living persons, etc.) are password protected and restricted to “Cleared Users”. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY BEEN PRE-AUTHORIZED, PLEASE SIGN-UP AND THEN CONTACT ME SO I CAN GIVE YOU ACCESS.  Here’s how the process works:

On any private website page (which all have a login box like the one at left), just click on the “Sign-up” link, or just click here, and a new window will open like the one below.  Check the agree box, fill in your e-mail address, make up a screen name, create a password, copy the disguised security word, then click sign-up. NOTE: YOU MAY GET AN ERROR ABOUT THE TYPED WORD NOT MATCHING - IGNORE THIS FOR NOW (I AM INVESTIGATING THIS ISSUE WITH THE WEB SERVER). Once you have signed-up, you will get an confirmation e-mail from “server@serifwebresources.com”. This e-mail could get directed your junk mail folder, so watch for it. When you get this e-mail, just open it and click on the link to activate your account.  This is however only the 1st step.  Please then drop me an e-mail (at gary@ridulfofamily.net or use the form on the Contact Us page). This will cue me to then add your newly established account to the “Cleared Users” group.  Only when this happens, can you then access the private areas of the website.  My apologies for the extended process, but this “non-automatic” / screened sign-up procedure is done to protect everyone’s privacy.  If you have any further login trouble, just contact me.

Two other notes: First, if you make a mistake logging in and get a blank/white page, just hit “back” on your browser, and you’ll go back to the page you were on.  Second, if you happen to navigate directly to a private web page, you may get a windows login box like the one shown to the left. If you already have a working login, you can log in this way, and will have full access to all private pages. (Please note however that the normal login box on the web pages will not reflect that you are logged in this way.  As such, I recommend you log in using the dedicated login box right on the web pages.)  

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