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The Ridulfo Family Tree...

When I started researching our Ridulfo family back in 1999, the primary sources were the Corleone Stato Civile or civil records that were only available on microfilm at the Mormon LDS Family History Libraries.  Since civil records in Italy were only instituted in 1810-1820, I could only research back so far, and thus was left with about four major lines of Ridulfo’s, unlinked.  This remained the case for many years, until early 2015 when the LDS internet site FamilySearch.Org posted the Corleone San Martino church records, which go back to the 1500’s!  After 4 months of grueling analysis, and much luck, I was able to successfully link all these lines, and in fact, trace back to our common ancestor, the very first Ridulfo to come to Corleone.  He was actually a Ridolfo from Nicosia, who married a Corleone girl in 1602.  And 400 plus years later, here we are - the Ridulfo Family Tree I have put together now has over 1,800 Ridulfo descendants.

Unfortunately, with the Family Tree program I have, it cannot print a tree with the living individual’s information removed and marked “Private”, so I must post the entire tree in the private area of the website, requiring password access.  Click here to go to the Family Tree (login required).

Where Do You Fit In???

If you’re not in this tree already, it is very likely that if you know your Ridulfo ancestry back 2 or 3 generations, I can place you, and you will then know a great deal more about your Ridulfo ancestry.  Use the Contact Us page to send me an e-mail with what you know, and I will try and answer "Where Do You Fit In?"

Major Ridulfo Branches

I also have some dedicated pages for a few major Ridulfo branches.  Click here to view them.