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Church Records

Around 2015, records from the Chiesa Madre “Mother Church” of San Martino of Corleone were posted complete on the LDS website FamilySearch.org. After spending several hundred hours over a fourth month period researching these records, and finding virtually everything thing I ever wanted to know about the Ridulfo’s of Corleone, I also documented what was in these records in a concise “Cheat Sheet” Research Guide spreadsheet here, complete with hyperlinks directly to the key sections, the indexes. If you are interested in researching these records yourself, take advantage of the guide I put together, it will help you tremendously. And, if you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

There are five basic types of church records - battesimi (baptisms), cresime (confirmations), matrimoni (marriages), morti (deaths), each typically includes an index, and finally the anime (parish census). Here are a few examples:





The anime parish censuses (from 1674 to 1848) were in invaluable resource for me to document the entire Ridulfo family in a very large spreadsheet, which you can view here.